If Your Thinking Looked Like A Penguin?

Everything may not be as it seems to people who live in a black and white, all good or all bad world. Do you remember when television was black and white and all of the imagery and perception supported a black and white view of life? It was a simple time when everything was predictable and life was very predictable. People believed in God, went to church, children prayed in school, people kept their word, couples stayed together when they got married, and everything seemed to fit into a nice neat box.

It was a time when everyone seemed to know where to sit on the bus, whether right or wrong. Then, when color television came along, it became difficult to visualize life in the same way any longer. To adjust to the new view of the world, many movie makers began to colorize the old black and white movies and paint a new picture of the old black and white world to make it fit the new world and how people looked at things. However, as much as the movies were colorized, the world was no longer black and white and beneath the surface people still thought like black and white thinkers while seeing colorized images.  The music began to change and the songs that people sang, the length of their hair, where they sat on the bus, and the age of color brought a different way that many people thought about things valued: marriage, sex, politics, war,  and even their spiritual lives.

What happened to the black and white world that was so safe and predictable? The world of color brought life out of the black and white box in the living room and it changed the imagery and the hues of how the world looked. Therefore, it was hard to to see a world in full color, the vivid expressions, and all that came as long as people were accustomed to seeing life inside a black and white television. I sometimes wonder about how people who only see the world in black and white world are now managing in a High Density world with a 1950’s black and white analog television perspective.

Indeed, the resolution of the world and the brilliance of the imagery is hard to look on when the eyes are accustomed to I Love Lucy, Bob Hope, and John Wayne. I wonder how well a black and white culture is managing the abstract picture of the 21st Century in full color, where values are decided on demand in a pay per-view network delivered wherever people can get a signal. How is it possible to remain a Penguin and view life through a High Density lens without feeling confused by the range of color revealed in the world where we have come from where everything was neatly packaged on a  black and white screen?


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