When Life Spins Out of Control

Merry go round

Why does the negative energy from unhealthy attachments to unhealthy people and bad habits cause such a loss of balance and control in life?

When we are on the merry-go-round of life and events around us are spinning out of control, few people can maintain a grip and control their rational thinking process. As such, a person’s ability to act freely upon things they actually know well, falls prey to almost certain confusion and uncertainty.

The effect -> of spinning events out of our control, information overload, along with the stress that unhealthy and bad habits deliver to life experience -> cause some people to question everything that they know to be reasonable while the centrifugal force-the moments-weigh upon the exercise of reason. A favorite question of people to ask when life spins out of control is “Where is God?” and “Why doesn’t he rescue me from this dilemma?” What is missed in the dizzy effect is that God is always there in the dark moments of life and reachable within the activity presently surrounding the events of life.

We often are taken aback by life because what we are experiencing reveals some truth that we have not been fully prepared to face in this moment. That moment, the hard moment of life to face, is the decisive moment because the truth is hard to hear, feel, understand, and experience. In our humanity, we need to feel security and peace by having some sense of control, but at those times when God is not at the center of our filter for information, we struggle to find meaning and to understand why this is happening.

When life spins past our finite understandingpast a reasonable level of coping; then, we have to trust beyond what we are equipped to see, hear,  feel or know. The experience of trusting a sovereign God who has the scales and balances of life under his watchful eye and within the power of His hand is challenging when we have not centered life in the gospel. If we could understand that He is okay, even in the anomalies of the life that seems to be spinning out of control, because His knowledge is infinite and immutable.

God really does believe in Romans “All things work together for them that love God and are called according to hiss purpose” (8:28-29). In these moments, surrender yourself to the fact, which although life seems to be spinning past human understanding God has a purpose in our existence today. The smallest star does not fall from the sky that is not in God’s hand to protect and guide.

Therefore, by taking heart, God will make all of the mud pies of life somehow turn into Chocolate silk pies if we will trust him and be patient today.

The apostle Paul said, “be not weary in well doing for in due season you will reap if you think not”.

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