What Does Easter Mean You?

Romans 12 1 Do not be conformed

In the wake of all of the important issues facing Christians today, an important question about what the crucifixion and the resurrection is the focus of Christian worship and cultural observances in this time of year. In a simple application, it a reminder that Christ’s death and resurrection is the key to the power to experience spiritual change. Think about the fact that God can take one act of depravity that is so horrific that it defies human understanding and use it to give the potential to create spiritual change to transform existence. That hope is the basis of potential that Christians have today.

Instead of of focusing all of the energy that we do on what is wrong with the world, Ressurection celebrations about the victorious life of Christ is a reminder of how God can make things right even when everything seems wrong. So, why not focus on hope and not on despair?  Why not place our energy on what can be done instead of what cannot be done?  Why not narrow our focus to the single purpose of God in Christ at Easter?

Think about this: the events celebrated on that morning at the tomb are about a fundamental change that is made possible through the death and resurrection of Christ. Christ’s sacrifice  recalls the process change through death and life that God uses to process to change in us. Therefore, when we commit our lives to Christ, that’s the initial turning point toward change.  When someone becomes a Christian, there is a spiritual change that is created by faith in Christ and the believer becomes a new person inside.  Indeed, they are not the same anymore because a new life has begun.”  What happens?  It is like starting over with a new ability to live.  That is why the Bible calls it being born again.  Born again does not mean reincarnation, it just means you get a new start in the old shell that you lived in everyday.  It is starting over and having a new life!  It is not turning over a new leaf, like Adam and Eve, you get a new life.  Ressurection reminds Christians that there is a new lifetime, lifelong process.

Think about Romans 12:2 “Don’t let the world squeeze you into it’s mold but let God remake you so that your whole attitude of mind is changed.”  You know that it is easy to get into a rut, live on the treadmill of life, and follow the routine rat race of existence.  Many people live by the mythology that says, “I cannot change, I’ve tried to change, or I used will power, but I just cannot change and I will never be able to change”.  If you believe that you cannot change, you are exactly right: you cannot change in your own.  The ressurection of Christ reminds believers that change is possible with God’s power working through your life.  In the this season of the year, the message of the cross and the tomb is crystallized in the moment of resurrection.  The reminder still rings today, “I want to take your greatest weakness and turn it into your strength”.

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