Remembering the Cross,the Crucifixion, and the Potential of Men

This week all around the world Christians are remembering the darkest day of history when politically motivated men with a very personal agenda sought to crucify and destroy a innocent man by the cruelest form of death known at that time to human beings. The attitude that was characterized in the conversation of the crowd gathered around the foot of the cross portrays the emotional abuse being heaped upon Jesus during in this hour of darkness. The so-called religious leaders mocked Him on the cross, publicly humiliating Him, invalidating the deity of Jesus,  and  His power to save Himself, or anyone else.

The physical abuse that preceded the crucifixion and suffering from the scourging, repeated beatings, now magnified in public humiliation intensifies the emotional power of rejection. The physical pain coupled with emotional abuse and rejection in the moments of His death by religious leaders and the Roman soldiers driving the nails a little deeper, increasing the pain were sounding out the emotional trauma of an innocent man being brutally murdered by a mob. Magnifying the rejection and pain the cutting words came from the crowd: “In the same way the rebels who were crucified with him also heaped insults on him” (Matt 27:44). The very atmosphere of the crucifixion and the abuse of Jesus at the hands of these people of religious influence demonstrated the darkness of depravity on this day. The religious crowd set the example and paved the way, stirring the hatred and vitriol of the crowds,“From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land” (Matt. 26:45). It was a dark day demonstrating the capacity of people to be at their worst, who could show hatred and physical abuse in such a public way. People who could show such emotional abuse and invalidation in such a painful way, demonstrating the day of spiritual darkness upon the earth revealing the emptiness their hearts, no remorse, and the moral depravity of men who could act in such a heartless way. That day that Jesus hung upon the cross shows men’s hearts darkened by the power of sin, the absence of light, and the inability to be touched by the voice of reason.

The crucifixion Jesus is a physical event that is a reminder of the death of a man who was without sin who became  a sacrifice and and  substitute  to those who have the ability –who will believe, it is a event of remembering that humans have not moved far from the foot of the cross. The gift of Christs sacrificial death on the cross, the ability to believe, a potential to experience life on the other side of the cross, a new life on the other side of the tomb, eternal life on the other side of the tomb is available today to those able to look through the darkness of unbelief and view the “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”



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