Essays About Individual Beliefs, Behavior, and Psychological Topics

How people are changed

The nuances of  human behavior are interesting matters that formally motivate research science to promote, study, and formulate studies.  Throughout history the behavioral anomalies of humans raises many important question for the scholar, practitioner, and layman.  Therefore, the intricacies and factors that suggest possible explanations present is a subject that many people find interesting to read about. Much of the interest comes from the personal things that all people struggle with individually throughout life.  Therefore, human behavior forms a core subject of study in the field of psychology, sociology, and educational research generating research questions, research, opinions, and more questions  identifying  specific gaps to stimulate more avenues of research to pose fuller explanations describing why people behave as they do, from a scientific and theoretical approach.   Obviously, human behavior impacts every area of life in organizations, churches, schools, as well as, the occurrences taking place through the events of every day life.  For this reason, this blog presents reflections from research, personal experience, and clinical studies to explore questions in ways that are understandable and fit within the greater context of culture and social interaction with others.  The articles posted here are not research studies, but draw from research studies and are devoted to exploring a broad range of problem, questions, challenges, and possible solutions. Consequently, the information provided is compiled to offer information, stimulate discussion, and create a connecting  point to understand implications of behaviors, experiences, and connecting plausible information to actions.

One important goal of writing is to provide a meaningful understanding of how to have an effective life a midst cultural, social, spiritual, and personal challenges in  life.

In the following pages, you will find a variety of subject matter addressing life issues that you may not always agree with fully.   The articles are written from a point of view grounded in  personal experience and professional education in the disciplines of Christian theology,  psychology, sociology, culture, and philosophy to provide multidisciplinary insight and reflection about observable personal and social behaviors.  A critical concern addressed in the pages of material is how to apply personal psychology, developmental science, behavioral theory, and social psychology to important issues encountered in a the lived  experience of life.  My goal in writing is not to provide all the answers nor to diagnose, but rather to frame information important to many people who have experienced the effects of  behavior occurring in a social context. A firm hope in writing this material is to create information to aide thoughtful consideration and to stimulate rational thinking that will aide understanding of all people and behaviors.  A further goal is to utilize sound methodology in reasoning to provide a resource that integrates ideas from the various fields of research and theory to construct a reasonable and cogent approach to understanding the complexities of the many experiences of life.

The phenomenon observed through behavior within the situational experience of individuals is important to enhancing understanding about the story of life and improving  the quality of each person’s life.  Personal experience has taught me that there are reasons to explain why behavior occurs; therefore, it is not enough just to identify behavior, it is equally important to understand why behavior occurs in a particular context, system, and pattern. Consequently, a hope  of what is written is to provide a fuller understanding, so individual readers can incorporate awareness to possess  a fuller and more meaningful experience of life.

About the Author:

Ronnie Murrill is a psychology practitioner, psychology subject matter expert, personal life coach, and organizational consultant with unique insight about human behavior. Many observations are the result of reflection upon life experience that arise are from serving as pastor in Southern Baptist Churches for over 30 years,  well as,  forensic Chaplaincy program administration designing and implementing individual and group processes achieve spiritual and cognitive-behavioral change.  Educated with a BS, BA, MA, and in process toward a PhD. in professional psychology.


7 thoughts on “Essays About Individual Beliefs, Behavior, and Psychological Topics”

  1. Hi Ronnie, I must say that am truly refreshed and edify through reading some of your article. I am thankful to God for giving you such grace of wisdom and understanding in helping society make sense of the truth, in terms of behavioral transformation. Unfortunately, very little is been achieved regarding the reformation of the fallen human nature, which i believe is the primary purpose of the Church. I am of the strong opinion that until we {the Body of Christ} are able to correctly deal with the deformity of behavioral character, little or nothing will be achieved regarding socioeconomic development and transformation globally. May the Lord continue to enrich your spirit with the revelation of his Son. Stay blessed.

    1. Thanks for the review Char, I appreciate the attention to my blog and and my integration of psychological theory with theology and philosophy. I hope you students find some value in the things that I write. Stay in touch…

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